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Independent, impartial & professional inventory service
Dedicated team of trained Inventory Clerks
Independent, impartial & professional inventory service
Dedicated team of trained Inventory Clerks

Our Prices

Studio £90 £90 £110 £90 £110 £90
1 Bedroom £105 £105 £120 £105 £130 £105
2 Bedroom £125 £125 £145 £125 £150 £125
3 Bedroom £145 £145 £165 £145 £180 £155
4 Bedroom £160* £160* £185* £160* £200* £175*
5 Bedroom £170* £170* £195* £170* £210* £185*
6 Bedroom £190* £190* £210* £190* £230* £200*
7 Bedroom £200* £200* £220* £185* £240* £200*

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A professional, impartial and independent inventory service whilst making inventories accessible with highly competitive pricing.

  • Same day service, where requested
  • Highly trained inventory clerks
  • Inventories can be produced and checked in as late as the start date of the tenancy
  • Regulated by the A.I.I.C.
  • Fully staffed offices
  • If there is a dispute we can be there to help
  • Price list with * next to price contact Inventory company for accurate price

We reserve the right to add additional costs if properties are excessively large or rooms are excessively overstocked with furniture or crockery/ utensils etc. If this is the case the Clerk will try all available means to contact the Instructing Principle whilst at the property to gain further instructions and confirmation before compiling the Inventory.

£15 extra for furnished studios. £20 for 1 / 2 bedrooms. £30 for 3 / 4 bedrooms. £50 for 5/6 bedrooms. £60 for 7 bedrooms. Extra rooms within a property e.g. en-suite bathrooms, garage, second lounge, garden etc, are charged at £10 per room. Price list with * next to price contact Inventory company for accurate price. By entering our website or contacting us, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, in full, as attached to our home page.

This will cover the full functionality testing of up to 3 alarm/detectors within 1 property. If we are able to carry out a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm/detector functionality test on any occasion or date for any fee or included within our services in anyway, we cannot be held liable in any way if these do not operate on another date properly in the event of an emergency when they needed to be relied upon in any way as an alert etc. A functionality test would only prove that on that date and time the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm/detector does respond, or not, to a dose of smoke or CO well beyond the lethal range.

We accept no liability in any way. The presence and appropriate working order of these alarms is the law and they must be tested on a regular basis for their continued power and working order by all concerned parties such as the landlord, their agent, the tenant and/or our instructing principle. This law is under The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm England regulations 2015. Under this law you must provide a working and tested smoke alarm/detector on every floor of the property and a carbon monoxide alarm/detector in every room that contains a solid fuel combustion appliance. Power and/or functionality tests must also be carried out on every new tenancy by law, via the Tenant / Instructing Principle / Landlord. As stated, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any testing of, recording of missing or present and/or working order of any such smoke alarm/detectors and or carbon monoxide detectors within a property following a report or visit from our clerks. Where smoke alarms and CO Detectors are tested this is for power only and should not be taken to mean that the alarms are in full working order. No responsibility is taken for any damage or malfunction occurring during the testing of such alarms.