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Independent, impartial & professional inventory service
Dedicated team of trained Inventory Clerks
Independent, impartial & professional inventory service
Dedicated team of trained Inventory Clerks


An inventory is a concise and detailed list of the contents, fittings and fixtures of a house, flat or office that is being let. This includes everything from the carpets and curtains to all the furnishings (if furnished). An Inventory provides a clear concise snapshot of the property at the time of the inventory completion with digital photographs provided to support the report. The inventory must be carried out by a third party, independent inventory specialist otherwise it will be considered bias and will not stand up in a court of law when needed to be relied upon.

A check in report is prepared at the beginning of each new tenancy. This report should be carried out immediately before the new occupants move into the let property, where possible on the same day. In order to conduct a check in the original inventory report must already be prepared, each item on the original inventory will be checked, it’s presence/absence and condition noted. Keys and meters are also checked and the readings are recorded. The tenant will then sign the report to confirm its accuracy. Our Team produce photographic check ins to support our reports. On the day of check in the property must be in a suitable condition to be let and all maintenance and cleaning should already have been carried out.

An interim inspection is made part way through a tenancy and looks at the condition of the property, its contents and any issues there may be. It can also be used to identify if any of the property requires repair, restoration or maintenance or is in need of decoration. Photographs will accompany this inspection.

A check out report is compiled at the end of the tenancy, once the tenant has moved out and prior to any cleaners, builders etc entering the property. We compile a report that goes through the condition and contents of the property against the original inventory and check in reports, whilst allowing for fair wear and tear. Meter readings will be gathered and the correct number of keys recorded. This report is also photographic.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector full functionality testing

For only £70* we will come and test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors within your property. This will involve one of our fully trained professionals with their equipment testing for functionality using a controlled dose of test smoke and carbon monoxide as well as testing for power. You will receive our dated certificate to show as proof that you have had these tests completed and that they were fully functioning at the time of our visit.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

EPC’s are required whenever a building is rented out, sold or built. Our Accredited energy assessors produce EPCs alongside an associated report which suggests improvements to make a building more energy efficient. The EPC is then lodged on the central EPC database. This can be carried out alongside an Inventory Report. 1 – 2 bedroom properties are only £70, 3 – 4 bedroom properties are £80 and 5 – 7 bedroom properties are £90.

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